Family Law Attorney in Bladen County

Thomas Law Firm offers family law to clients in Bladen and Columbus counties, as well as the surrounding areas. We help clients to resolve their family law disputes when it comes to child support and alimony matters. We understand this may be a difficult time in your life and will work to make sure you are aware of your legal rights and how to best resolve your family matter, whatever the cause. We handle and prepare separation agreements, handle equitable distributions, divorces and more. There is no matter too small and, as always, we will advise you of your rights and the best course of action.

Thomas Law Firm, in Elizabethtown, NC, will work hard to provide you cost-effective legal services. As with all our clients, we are dedicated to helping you through this time, providing you with all your legal options and working towards the best outcome for you.

Our Family Law services include:

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