Child Support Attorney Columbus & Bladen County

child-supportIf you plan to file for or are a parent or guardian who will pay child support, you need an attorney in Columbus and Bladen County who can assist you through the child support process. It can be complicated and emotions can run high when two parties are arranging the care of children. The child’s welfare should always be kept first and foremost. An attorney can help by determining the amount of child support that is required, flushing out any outstanding issues such as retroactive child support, high income child support, basic child support, low income child support and other situations such as additional children.

The North Carolina Court System provides a child support calculator and Thomas Law Firm can help to determine the specifics of your situation, provide assistance, legal advice and guidance. The calculator takes into account the number of children to be provided for, your monthly gross income and pre-existing payments, work related child care costs, health insurance costs and any extraordinary expenses. This is not a matter to be taken lightly, we know a child’s welfare is at stake and the responsible adults must have these matters taken care of so the child can grow and have his or her necessities for life.

There is one clear choice if you are involved in child support, contact an attorney such as Thomas Law Firm or call (910) 862-1499.