Divorce Lawyer in Bladen & Columbus County

Thomas Law Firm offers divorce law services in Bladen & Columbus Counties. Going through a divorce is a difficult time for everyone involved, which is why it is so important to have an attorney that understands the ins and outs of the law at this time. We focus on providing you with the best legal advice and guidance during this trying time.

In North Carolina, a person who has lived in the state for 6 months or more, may file for divorce under several conditions, such as they have been living apart for one year. It is so important at this time to protect yourself and your assets; that is why you must contact an attorney such as Thomas Law Firm if you are considering divorce. There are steps you can take before filing for divorce that will make things easier for you down the road.

We take divorce very seriously because we know there is nothing that can affect your life more at this point and you need competent representation that will look out for your best interests. Contact Thomas Law Firm or call (910) 862-1499 if you are looking for the best care and legal assistance possible for your divorce.