Bladen or Columbus County Name Change

If you are considering changing your name or the name of a minor, you should consult with a Bladen or Elizabethtown lawyer. Thomas Law Firm can guide you on the time frame and intricacies of changing names, whether due to a divorce or for another reason.

If you are divorcing your spouse, it will be easier to make a name change if you petition for the name change when you file for divorce or when you file your answer to the other party’s complaint. You may change your name back to your maiden name, the surname of a prior spouse (deceased) or the surname of prior spouse if you have children together. If you decide to change it after the divorce is final, you must present your divorce judgment to the clerk of court.

For a minor, a parent cannot change the minor’s last name without consent from the other parent unless that parent is deceased, the minor is 16 years old, the minor has consent of the primary parent who has supported the minor while the other parent has abandoned all rights to minor. A minor does not have to agree to the name change, unless he or she is old enough to express their wishes and the court will decide whether or not the minor is.

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