DWI Lawyer Bladen & Columbus County

If you have been charged with a DWI in Bladen or Columbus Counties, the state takes this as a very serious matter and you will be in need of a lawyer. You may have been charged by law enforcement with driving while under the influence of an impairing substance or after having consumed sufficient alcohol that you have an alcohol concentration of 0.08 or more.

A Bladen or Columbus County DWI conviction may result in higher insurance rates, a suspended or revoked license and/or possibly, jail time. In addition, the state of North Carolina does not negotiate a lesser plea deal for DWI charges. Living with a DWI has legal and social implications, including employability, and that is why it is very important to hire a lawyer with the right experience and knowledge to handle your case and work for the best outcome possible, up to an acquittal.

As you can see there are many reasons why it is important to hire the best lawyer for your case, one who will examine the evidence and circumstances and recommend an aggressive course of action. Thomas Law Firm specializes in Bladen County DWI and Columbus County DWI matters and can advise you of your rights and will aggressively work on your behalf with the courts.

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